Figuring out the stream after 10th can be a daunting task as it’s one of the stepping stones towards the career. There are a plethora of factors that must be considered before choosing the field of study.

In recent times though, switching between the streams has become a common notion. A person with science background is required to prepare for accounts and vice-a-versa. But despite all of that, the decision taken must be well thought of.

In this article, we’re going to discuss why a student must opt for Accounts after the 10th and how to prepare for it. Therefore, this writeup is not only targeted for students but also their parents who play an important part in decision making.

Practical Applications

The Account is a subject that is real-time applicable and 100% practical. Thus, opting for accounts/commerce after 10th molds the child’s mindset in a way that they learn to look at things differently.  The thought processes become very pragmatic and decision-making skills are also enhanced.

Future Scope

Since money and business are never going to be obsolete, commerce as a stream and accounts as a subject are also going to be ever-growing. Parents who already have their own business can relate to this as people with good accounting skills are always in demand.

This also implies that parents who think that their child has an eye for entrepreneurship, they must definitely encourage their child to prepare for accounts.

Skills and Capabilities

It is an absolute myth that commerce is easy and science is difficult. Both the streams require different acumen and a different approach to understand it. While Science requires a good memory, Commerce requires analytical skills and quick decision-making power.

Thus, parents must consider the type of capabilities their child has before settling to any one field. Instead of following the mass, following what the child wants will help him/her to excel in life.

One can also make a visit to a counselor who is trained to help the parents and children figure out their skills. Through psychometric tests and other such tools, counselors can assist in making the right decision.

Identifying the interest

There is no sense in making your child prepare for accounts if he/she is not interested in it. Before any steps are taken, it is ideal to first talk one-to-one about the interest of the child.

At the end of the day, it is him/her who has to make its career in that field. This is why parents must help the child get over the peer pressure and ask them about their interest area to make the decision.

We hope these pointers will help you help your child make the right decision. Just remember to keep a positive approach and provide full support irrespective of the field they choose.

Also, to prepare for accounts, it is crucial to get an expert’s guidance who have impeccable knowledge of the field and are efficient in imparting that knowledge as well.