We live in an ever-evolving and increasingly digital world. So much so, that the day is not far when a majority of our everyday activities will be performed online, just like many of those have already adapted to the digital ways. And why not? Online is more fast, efficient, effective, and convenient. Therefore, online has become the norm in many walks of life in a short period of time. And one classic example of it is online tutoring. The online tutoring revolution is here, and it is here in a big way!

What is Online Tutoring?

Online Tutoring, as the name suggests, is tutoring or teaching through the internet and digital media. What began as simple websites that hosted tutorials, video lessons, smartphone applications, online tests, and now artificial intelligence backed learning modules, the online tutoring revolution has come a long way in a short period of time. Today, one can find multiple courses and tutorials starting from the elementary level to post-graduation, from the best of the universities and institutions across the world, at the tap of a finger. Thanks to the online tutoring revolution!

Features of Online Tutoring which is bringing Revolution in Education

  • More effective

Online tutoring, over the years, has been found to be much more effective for the students’ learning, as compared to any other means of tutoring. This is because the content delivery and the engagement levels of the learner are far higher through digital media. Moreover, with the introduction of new technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, the effectiveness of online tutoring is going to increase even further.

  • Location independent

A very good thing about online tutoring is that it is location independent. What this means is that the student can learn any subject or topic from the comfort of home. One need not travel off to a campus, or attend classes and take long lectures for that anymore! Isn’t it amazing?

  • Self-paced

Another important benefit that makes online tutoring the most popular mode of learning in the 21st century is that it supports self-paced learning. Most of the courses and tutorials offered online do not put time restrictions on the candidate in terms of daily lessons. Instead, the learner can move through the course at his or her own pace, can take lessons multiple times to improve understanding and complete the course that way.

  • Multiple options

The online tutoring revolution has brought education closer to us. Today, one can access multiple courses on a number of different subjects, offered by a range of institutions and academies, so easily. This accessibility and flexibility are some of the major reasons behind the popularity of online tutoring.

  • Cost-efficient

Finally, the online mode of tutoring is far more cost-efficient and affordable as compared to traditional tutoring. Through digital media, many of the costs related to physical infrastructure and resources have been eliminated, which directly benefits the learner. This way, education becomes affordable for all!

Having understood online tutoring, what are you waiting for? Signup for an online course for your child today, and experience it for yourself!