With growing advancements in technology, the learning and teaching methods are changing rapidly. However, many students still get confused about which type of learning they should choose and adapt to.

Offline tutoring offers a student the benefit of learning in person from tutor whereas online tutoring is an innovative method which not only personalizes the learning process but also proves to be significantly beneficial to students in many ways.

When it comes to comparison between offline and online tutoring, there are 5 critical elements that need to be taken into consideration. Those are namely convenience, quality, time, tutor types and budget. Let’s each discuss each one of them in detail.


 When it comes to offline tutoring, a student always has to comprise on one or the factor: be it on quality of tutor, cost per session, time availability of the tutor or personal dedicated service of the tutor. The fact that you can get everything under one roof at a very reasonable price makes online tutoring a far more convenient option than offline tutoring. 


 The fact that teachers and students get to interact face-to-face with each other in the offline tutoring mode makes it more effective than online tutoring. This allows students to build a rapport with the tutor and also helps them to delve more into the subject deeply. This is one aspect where traditional offline tutoring mode has an upper hand over the online version.

In a survey conducted by Tutor Hero, out of 100 high school students, over 90% of the students preferred face to face in-person tutoring. When it comes to tutor selection, students preferred tutors with similar interests and career paths. 

 Time Factor:

 Today, a majority of students have to commute from one place to another to attend offline tutoring sessions. This is a very time consuming and energy-draining process for the student. Using the online tutoring services, a student can attend the sessions at the comfort of his/her home.

All one needs to do is to turn on PC and log in to the site. When it comes to the aspect of the time factor, online tutoring always stands better than offline tutoring.

 Tutor Type:

In offline tutoring mode, we know how difficult it is to get hold of a good tutor. We usually suffer from issues on the scarcity of teachers, especially during the examination season. In online tutoring mode, there are different types of tutors available irrespective of peak or general season. You can find university students, retired teachers and part-time teachers for all the subjects across different websites in online tutoring mode.

Budget: In the case of offline tutoring, besides the tuition fees, you also need to pay for the travel expenses. If the tutor comes to your home, then there will be other overhead expenses like electricity bills. In the case of online tutoring, all you need is an internet connection and you need not account for other expenses except tuition fees.

So, in terms of budget, online tutoring is more preferable than offline tutoring.  

Overall, we can conclude that online tutoring always has an upper hand over offline tutoring across all major parameters.