It’s truly said that necessity is the mother of invention. My experiences with how I struggled to learn subjects became the driving force to become a passionate tutor.

Way back during my childhood days, I struggled with understanding basic concepts. Being of the age, it didn’t occur to me that these foundations are crucial, I went with the flow and managed to pass through my subjects.

The innate feeling of not getting the gist of some subjects was prevalent but somehow, with the help of some ‘jugaad’, I went on. These jugaad mostly comprised of mugging the answers, focusing only on the important areas and stuffing facts in my head only to blurt them out on a piece of paper called ‘Exam’.

Never did I focus on the ulterior motive of all these and how this would affect me in the future and ignored how I struggled to make sense of these things.

It was after a certain point in time, I realized that I am actually on a treadmill. Constantly running but reaching nowhere. Despite putting a lot of effort they were just futile because it didn’t take me forward. I was simply looking at a mirage.

But reality did strike me because I finally mustered up the strength to change the course of action. That is when I decided to do something about the situation and turn the tables. Enough being an average student doing things for the sake of it. I put my foot down and decided to prioritize all the learnings I’ve missed out on.

I followed 3 simple steps: Learn, Unlearn and Relearn. I had already learned that things aren’t going the right way. It was the unlearning part which was difficult, because of the set old habits.

To get rid of it, I got in touch with a private tutor. I could have joined a coaching centre but there was a lot of shyness and inhibitions in the way which I knew would hamper my unlearning process.

I was lucky to have a passionate tutor who helped me straighten up my facts, my knowledge and aligned my mindset to a different way of learning things. I forgot those makeshift techniques to temporarily learn the things and focused on the lifetime learning value of everything taught.

Once the unlearning was finished and I got rid of my old habits, I started the process of relearning and that is when I realized my passion for imparting the same experience to as many students as I could.

This whole process inspired me to be a passionate tutor so that I can help those children who exactly replicate how I struggled. My teaching style reflects the same process my teacher implemented on me i.e. to understand the knowledge level of the child and then modify the teaching methods accordingly.

I understood that every child has its own speed and method of comprehending the things so to enhance the process, I explained every concept to the students in a way they would understand.

Throughout the journey, I realized that with perseverance and hard work, any stone can be turned.