About Us

"When the untapped potential of a student meets the liberating art of a teacher, a miracle unfolds".

Sakshi, the founder of online education services, Etutionsbysakshi, had never even imagined that one day she would be stepping onto the personalized one-to-one education space.

She was a regular student facing the same challenges like any other student, seeing the same dreams, juggling with many problems and trying to find solutions when they were difficult to find.

She recalls with a smile on her face, running in open corridors after her teachers for solutions to tricky questions, discussing with fellow students about upcoming exams mixing it up with fun at the same time.

The Eureka moment of personalized teaching was yet to appear in her life. When it did, it slowly nudged her into this beautiful space of online personalized teaching.  Sakshi was always a bright student. She had a great inclination towards Maths and Accounting subjects.

One day, the accounting teacher could not come for a month due to a personal condition. The upcoming university exams made everyone nervous to the hilt. With the absence of the teacher everyone was left pale. Sakshi herself was feeling nervous. It was then that the students started studying in groups.

Sakshi was the brightest in her group and took a lead in explaining the concept to her group members. It was a different feeling altogether for her. She realized something in her. The ability, the desire and the clarity of concepts was all there in her. The fire had begun from that very day onwards.

After some years, a position became available for a local school as a tutor. The position paid poorly, and was limited to only a few hours per week. The "tutoring" sessions were open to all students in the program and often had as many as 30 students in the room.

It was at this point that several students approached Sakshi seeking private tutoring and were willing to pay for these sessions. From this was born Sakhi’s E-Tutoring Service. Sakshi provided tutoring in private sessions with paying students.

Since that time, the business has continued to grow as new students have entered the program and tutoring has only expanded.