As different is the curriculum of the IGCSE Board, the studying pattern is also different in this case.

When it comes to IGCSE Accounts, the resources are even more limited because there are not many tutors available to teach the same. As a tutor, it is always a challenge for me to impart the best possible training for the students as far as accounts are concerned.

The reason behind my emphasis on this particular subject is that accounting is the most feared subject amongst the students. Even those who have exceptional analytical skills are daunted by the account question.

And the scenario intensifies when it is about the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) assessment.

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Edexcel (also known as London Examinations) are the 2 UK bodies that conduct the examinations for this assessment.

In this curriculum, there are 5 groups namely, Languages, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Sciences, Mathematics, and Creative, Technical and Vocational.

Group 5 comprises of subjects like accounting, computer studies, music, and business studies.

One of the reasons why it is so difficult to prepare for IGCSE Accounts is the lack of resources online. Thus, when I teach the students this subject, I take my time and thoroughly prepare each and every topic in detail and then teach. For this, a lot of preparation time is required as I have to go through every minute detail so that I don’t miss out on anything crucial.

Once I teach the topic, I make sure that plenty of questions are provided to the student for concept clarity. This is why I make as many questions as possible on my own with the help of past years question papers.

In the IGCSE Accounts papers, the only resource which can be referred to are the previous years’ questions papers which helps in forming the pattern of tutoring.

For those, who are trying the prepare this subject on their own, my only advice would be to not refrain from taking the help of a tutor. Since limited books are available for practice, getting in touch with an experienced tutor becomes imperative.

There are various schools that provide with IGCSE curriculum for the students. Usually, the accounts teachers there can be looked upon while preparing. These teachers also take tuitions to help the children gain a better grip on the subject and appear for the papers fearlessly.

There are quite a few books on IGCSE Accounts training which are endorsed by a lot of teachers teaching this course. My personal experience is that as much as it is helpful, it is suggested to practice it under the guidance of a tutor because they will be able to help you out when you’re stuck anywhere.

A lot of students come to me with these resources that they’re figured the answer but not the method because of which, the concept is still half learned.

Getting a tutor helps as they’ve tried and tested all these questions and the methods in detail. And thus they can sort out the problems without breaking a sweat.