Over 2.3 million students appear for the Scholastic Assessment Test annually in a bid to get into their dream schools and carve their carriers. The SAT gives students one of its kind opportunities to get into premier undergraduate schools in the US and brings them a step closer to achieving their dreams.

Although the exam is a fairly standardized one, preparing for it could be a daunting task. Many students feel perplexed about the procedure and get pre-exam jitters too. This is where the parents play an important role in their child’s life to help them prepare for the SAT exam.

It’s their immense support and encouragement that can make or break the deal. But how do they do that? Even parents can get baffled with the overload of information.

Here’s how!

  1. Ease their nerves by educating them about SAT pattern, the structure of the exam, critical areas to work on, etc.
  2. Students perform best when they are relaxed, and so parents can take them out for nature walks or some fun activities to release the pressure. A break in the routine can actually help them prepare for the SAT exam efficiently.
  3. Inculcating a reading habit in them is key for clearing SAT, so keep encouraging them to read good novels, newspaper articles. Basically, anything which keeps them engrossed and imparts knowledge. Parents can also discuss the books, the characters, the storylines and encourage them to express their own opinions on the book.
  4. Another crucial factor to prepare for the SAT exam is developing mental agility. Parents can assist in doing so by making their child solve puzzles, play card games or other stimulating and engaging games. Various word games like Hangman, Boggle or Scrabble will support them with their vocabulary as well.
  5. Being familiar with the test pattern is imperative for students to clear SAT. Mock Test papers available at different platforms can help them a lot by giving an actual experience of the SAT even before the actual exam. There is a wide range of test papers available online and offline on the stores also which can be practiced as and when required.
  6. If you are looking for past or mock SATs papers online, ensure that they are of the latest version. The SAT paper pattern was revised in 2016 so it might be difficult to find them. For this, it is best to enroll in some coaching institute’s test series because they have it in a very standard format. For additional free Maths papers, you could refer to the Third Space Learning page.
  7. There are lots of revision guides available to help prepare for the SAT exam. You need not get it if you think that your child is preparing well on its own.
  8. During the SATs week, make sure that your child gets proper 7-8 hours of sleep so that he/she can appear for the paper with a fresh mind.
  9. Stay positive. Encourage them to enjoy the test and take it as a learning rather than as a challenge.

With the SATs approaching soon, these tips would surely be handy for you as a parent. Equipped with these guidelines, you are now in a position to help your child excel and rapidly move towards achieving their dreams.