Once you’ve decided the choose accounts as your major subject after the 10th, the real work starts. Because opting for a subject is a different thing and preparing for it is a different story.

The account is a subject that requires constant practice. Thus, it is highly recommended that in order to excel in this subject, one devotes a good amount of time to the subject.

We’re going to equip you with a few tips and tricks which will help you get a good grasp on this subject so that the exam day is a cakewalk for you.


With the vast amount of syllabus, preparing for accounts can be a little overwhelming and one might get baffled. To save yourself from that, make sure that you pre-plan each and every step. Creating a planner can help figure out what all needs to be done and when.  

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Practice makes a man perfect and, in this subject, it is impossible to forget this habit. When you choose accounts, practice needs to become a routine irrespective of your expertise in it. Be it the first chapter or the last chapter with the case studies, redoing the questions or referring to some latest questions can help in concept clarity.

Usually, it is advised to follow the standard school book to understand the concept. Once you’re through with this, go ahead with the reference book provided for different variations of questions.

You can also refer to previous years’ papers or sample papers available. Not only these papers guide you with the pattern of the paper but it also boosts confidence.


No mountain was climbed in one day! It is only through constant efforts that one can conquer any situation. For those who choose accounts, they have to brace themselves up for the rigor and the efforts demanded in this subject.

That is why joining coaching or getting guidance from a tutor helps in building a routine. Coaching classes do not teach anything new but they simply make the students devote a few hours to the subject. Due to this, students fall into a routine which helps them to solve a variety of questions without breaking a sweat.

One can also do these same things on their own without joining any coaching center. All it requires is a proper time-table and some determination. By self-timing oneself, it is easy to track how much time was spent on each question which helps in building efficiency.

These 3 golden rules can help you score more in accounts without any doubt. As we said, there is no magic potion or any formula but a proper, customized routine according to your skill level to get over the fear.

Once you choose accounts as one of your major subjects, it is imperative that you’re ready to put your fears aside and get hands-on with the chapters.  After all, the fear is only in your mind and it can overcome only by facing it!