Every class is a heterogeneous group of students where no 2 are the same. Thus, for a teacher, it is important to ensure that every student is on the same page when it comes to learning.

In the case of extrovert students, it is easy to know their understanding level but when it comes to shy students, gauging their reaction can be a daunting task. Especially when you’re tutoring online, the challenges heighten. Since there is a barrier for a teacher, extra attention must be paid to such kids so that they don’t lose out on anything important.

Here’s how I tackled with shy students in my class.   

1. Involvement

For a teacher, it is easy to misunderstand the quiet students as ones uninterested in the subject, but this is where we go wrong. There are high chances that the student is not communicating during the online session for some particular reason. But they might do so if given a chance.

A warm-up session helps big time during the online sessions and also, it brushes up the concepts of the last class which is beneficial for everyone. So, make sure to ask questions from previously taught topics during the class to these specific people to make sure they’re paying attention.

2. Varying teaching techniques

Teachers and students can get bored due to the monotony of the teaching style. A slight variation in the way class is conducted encourages everyone to participate more in the class. You can gamify the session by providing links and playing videos relevant to the topic.

Taking the assessment through quizzes, interactive case-based questions, etc will also keep their attention intact. Bringing in a guest speaker who is experienced in a certain topic will also give both the students and you a break from the routine. This will bring even the shy students on board and enhance the performance of the class.  

3. Write-Ups

This method fulfills 2 purposes; it ensures that the students revise whatever has been taught in the class and retains it in their mind. Also, it gives every student a chance to prove that they’ve actually comprehended the lesson and assures the teacher that everybody was actively involved. This one works in an online class with a mixed batch of outgoing and shy students.

All you have to do is ask the students to e-mail you or post the write up summarizing the class to you. Incentivizing it with extra marks can also act as a catalyst.

4. A different approach

While normal online classes comprise of the teacher teaching, for a change, the flip classroom technique can be used online. In this, the teacher can ask the students to form groups and come up with certain topics to present online.

They can be given the liberty to either present themselves or through pre-recorded videos or presentations. The main purpose is to make every person participate including the shy students.

While none of these methods is a one-time solution as they require a lot of patience and consistency but are 100% effective.

I hope you find it useful!