With the increasing lack of trust in the schooling system, more and more parents are switching towards homeschooling their children. Parents always want what’s best for their child and when it comes to the foundation of their education, parents can go to any lengths to provide as much as they can.

Homeschooling might just sound like a normal thing to do, thanks to the Hollywood movies but it’s an altogether different deal. Parents are increasingly concerned about the quality of education their child is getting and whether he/she is getting enough knowledge and support to shape their career the way they want in the future.

Since the majority of the people in India have always believed in sending their kids to school, homeschooling may come across as a daunting task.

Homeschooling is widely accepted and practiced in some of the foreign countries mainly because parents feel that they can do better with how their children are educated and rather than following the masses, they prefer customization of the way their child is taught.

But we’ve summed up this term and hope to provide you with some clarity:

1. Home Schooling refers to the process of educating the child at home or any other type of place other than the school. The major drivers of this method are parents’ lack of trust in the conventional schooling system and the willingness to contribute to the learning process of their child.

2. Very few countries actually have laws that permit the parents to choose to home school their children. Eg. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. India has not legalized this system yet.

3. There are various methods to choose from to home school the children like Montessori, Waldorf, School-at-Home, etc. Parents in India also opt to follow the school syllabi like that of IGCSE, CBSE, etc by teaching at home other than this.

4. The homeschooling environment is not government regulated in India: thus, one can actually choose this option and make their child appear for the IGCSE or NIOS certification exams.

5. Amongst the other methods implemented in homeschooling, Online Tutoring is also gradually becoming a preferred choice for parents. Since the people teaching are experienced in their field and the platform is definitely not the formal education system, parents are attracted to this option.

They believe that a customized study plan based on their child’s interests contributes to the active learning of the child. Not only that but parents also feel empowered that they’re able to make decisions and suggest changes in the way their child is being trained.

6. There are a lot of online websites, apps, and channels that specialize in curating the course for children based on their areas of strengths, weaknesses, and interests. These courses are designed and modified with constant feedback from the parents as well.

7. One of the major benefits of the homeschooling system is the freedom it gives to formulate the way the child is educated. By incorporating holistic methods of learning and advanced aspects of education, a child develops a multi-faceted personality.