Off late, an online study has become an integral part of every child’s learning pedagogy. Online mode of study is fast, convenient, efficient and clearly much more effective. However, a child can reap all the benefits of online tutoring only when online learning is served in the right way. Teachers and parents have an important role to play to help a child in an online study.

Here we list down some essential steps that you should follow to help a child in an online study.

1. Understanding online study

The very first step towards making the best out of the online study is to ensure that the student understands what the online mode of study stands for. Off late, online study is no more limited to study content or even video tutorials for that matter. The scope of online learning has today expanded to real-time personal coaching, aided by technologies like artificial intelligence & augmented reality.

2. Setting up the right environment

Though the online study is largely independent of physical infrastructure, still it is all about focus and concentration, and hence demands the right kind of environment. Therefore, it is an important step to ensure a calm and conducive environment that can help a child in an online study. Additionally, the online study requires a working desktop/tablet/smartphone and a good internet connection.

3. Choosing the right course

Nextly, one needs to choose the right kind of online study course catering to the individual needs of the child. With the exponential growth in the online tutoring industry, the internet is flooded with dozens of courses on each topic or subject, and choosing the right one can become an uphill task in itself. Therefore, it becomes important to give a fair attention to detail while choosing the online course.

4. Ensuring consistency

Consistency at study is the greatest challenge that students might face while opting for online study. Therefore, to help a child in an online study, one must ensure consistency. This can be achieved through various means. It can be in the form of a timetable or a system of checks and evaluations. No matter what path you follow, consistency and focus must be ensured in online study.

5. Resolving doubts

Finally, one needs to ensure that online study does not end up turning into a one-way mode of communication. Understandably, the child may get a lot of doubts and may not be able to understand everything through online tutorials. However, the solution lies right there, and one must exploit it! Online study offers discussion forums and special doubt clearing sessions to the students where they can communicate their issues with the tutor and the community of learners itself.

Taking the right steps in the child’s online learning journey can help a child in an online study to a great extent, smoothing the way for her. Moreover, these steps can do away with a lot of trauma for the parents and teachers themselves!

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these steps, and help a child in an online study!